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Sourcing: this is where it all starts!

  • we monitor GAP / Global GAP certification in the fields and supply records upon request (certification, spraying records...)
  • we only work with processing plants with FDA registration and Good Manufacturing Practices as a minimum. Many of our suppliers have full HACCP, AIB, BRC, Kosher, Halal, organic certifications.
  • we promote food safety concepts in the plants and make sure that they are enforced with proper equipment, control procedures and documentation.
  • we handle the contract confirmations to supplier and customer, with clear requirements and specifications
  • we help develop new packaging, artwork, private label, special product mixes upon request

  • Logistics: we handle in-house the full export process

  • maritime and inland freight reservations
  • container loading at source
  • export documents required for country of destination
  • container tracking
  • Quality assurance

    we are most familiar with USDA specifications and analize any customer specific requirements beforehand

  • working with serious growers and packers is the best way to go. We keep close to our suppliers and know how they work. We assist them as much as we can in all areas
  • we inspect product from raw material through finished goods, assist in container loading with pictures and report upon request
  • we supply specific documentation requested by customer: certificate of analysis, microbiological analysis, pesticide/ heavy metals analysis upon request, product information, suppliers information, self-audit forms...
  • we stand behind our product, respond and find solutions if any issue arises in spite of our utmost precautions
  • November 20th 2019
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